Duffy’s relationship with French Elle magazine and Art Director Peter Knapp began in 1962. The creative freedom was unlike anything Duffy had experienced and allowed him to shoot in elaborate settings from Switzerland to Morocco.

Photographing the key models of the era for the French magazine such as Nicole de Lamargé, Janice Dickinson, Paulene Stone, Jean Shrimpton, Brigitte Bardot, Ina Balke and Pattie Boyd; Duffy worked for Elle until 1966 when Peter Knapp moved left.

The pair returned to work for the French magazine by coincidence between 1974 and 1978 producing work to the same high standard of innovation.

Duffy always said that his work for Elle was his best due to the high demands and open-mindedness of the French magazine.

This selection of vintage Elle magazines has been collected and scanned by The Duffy Archive to show Duffy’s work in period. Many of these magazines contain Duffy’s lost works. It is our intention to share these magazines respective of the additional authors that may be involved. Content has been removed to only show the articles containing Duffy’s works although advertisements, brands and additional imagery belongs to their respective copyright holders.