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All photographs taken by photographer Brian Duffy displayed on this website are the sole copyright of The Duffy Archive with the exception of the David Bowie Aladdin Sane imagery which is the copyright of The Duffy Archive & The David Bowie Archive™

Subject to the UK 1956 Design & Patents Act, The Imagery displayed on this website is the copyright of Duffy Archive Limited. The design, concept and photography were created by Photographer Brian Duffy and usage of any part of this imagery in any form or likeness whether whole or part without the prior written consent of Duffy Archive Limited is an infringement of the author’s rights.

‘Aladdin Sane’ and the distinct blue and red “Flash” Symbol are a protected and registered Trademark () under No. UK00003206900. 

The Duffy Archive support works of “fan art” which represent images that belong to the Archive. However, if these images are monetised in any way or form of merchandise or licensed material, advertising of a brand or for any other way that is detrimental to our works – legal action will be taken.

The Duffy Archive maintains an active policing policy for infringed images and will not hesitate to pursue legal action against those involved. If you have been approached by the Duffy Archive Copyright team or are wondering if your work is infringing on our intellectual property rights please see the UKCS Website. All graphical or physical representations of the works must be approved and licensed by The Duffy Archive. Please Contact Us to discuss options and seek approval before producing potentially infringing materials.

The Duffy Archive employees the following companies to police unauthorised and unlicensed infringements worldwide.

ImageRights™ – – USA

Copytrack™ – – GER

No image can be reproduced without the prior written consent of the Duffy Archive and the Duffy Archive maintains an active policing policy for infringed images. For further clarification email our legal team at