Nova - May 1971

Nova May 1971 - Amanda Lear

Nova May 1971 - Amanda Lear

Launched in March 1965, the monthly Nova magazine was described as a politically radical intellectual women'sĀ magazine. Launching in the peak of the swinging sixties the magazine was definitely a forerunner for the later UK Cosmopolitan magazine but took influence from the graphically and visually adventurous Town, Queen and French Elle magazines that were prominent at the time as well as the German magazine "Twen." Only lasting a little over 10 years Nova magazine was the perfect platform for Duffy's work.

This issue of Nova Magazine contained a series of photographs by Duffy titled "How to undress in front of your husband." The session featured model Amanda Lear stripping in various different outfits, one of which featured the iconic red Panton plastic chair designed by Verner Panton in 1960

The centrefold of the magazine contained a 90 image flip book for the reader to cut out and create.

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