This selection from The Duffy Archive shows a full range of works including Duffy’s original portfolio photographs from 1956 that landed his first job at British Vogue, through his expansive work in fashion, portraiture and revolutionary advertising. Including portraits of popular entertainers and iconic images of David Bowie until Duffy’s abrupt retirement from commercial photography in 1980. Duffy attempted to burn many of his negatives in his studio yard but fortunately, he was stopped by a local council employee due to the acrid smoke being produced. Much of his work was lost but what remains has formed The Duffy Archive covering a comprehensive visual history of twenty-five years of British culture.

Due to so much work being destroyed, The Duffy Archive continues to piece together the whole picture of Duffy’s extensive back catalog and continues to discover new material.

Years ago at the end of a session, you’d say “I wonder if any of this will come out?” I was worried sick that it would be a disaster or that there might be nothing on the film. – Duffy

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