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Duffy was one of the few photographers who was commissioned for three Pirelli calendars. The first was in 1964 for the 1965 calendar taken in the South of France. In those days the models did their own hair and makeup and the calendar is fairly innocent and had yet to become a cult item and was hung up in garages and then thrown away making it a rare find today. The 1973 calendar is something far more raunchy and is rated as their most fetish calendar. Duffy worked with the pop artist Allen Jones and the airbrush artist Philip Castle. The airbrushing techniques used producing this calendar were incorporated on the David Bowie Aladdin Sane album cover later that year. The 1973 Calendar included the models: Nicky Allen, Kari Ann, Erica Creer, Elizabeth, Kate Howard, Nicki Howorth, Kubi, Jane Lumb, Sue Paul, Penny Steele, Vida and Vicky Wilks. Duffy is credited with the first and as far as we are aware the only banned image in a Pirelli Calendar. On the 27th of October, only one month before launch, Derek Forsyth and Allen Jones were summoned to Pirelli's head office in Chester square to explain themselves. The chairman of the company deemed the image too perverse and it was never published. Duffy’s final shoot for Pirelli was also in 1973 for the Cinturato truck tyre calendar, regrettably, the archive only has three surviving images.
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