MAR 2015 - French Edition of Duffy/Bowie - 'Five Sessions'

To coincide with the opening of the David Bowie is exhibition at the Philharmonie Du Paris, Glenat Editions SA has released a French edition of the acclaimed Duffy/Bowie - 'Five Sessions' book. The French publishers upscaled the book and made it a little larger coming in at 27x22cm. The book is now available on French Amazon - see here


from March 12 to April 7, 2015

Brian Duffy defined 1960s photography. He was as famous as the stars he photographed. With David Bailey and Terence Donovan, he is recognized as one of the great innovators of fashion photography, a style that has revolutionized photography in fashion, and more so the fashion industry.

Duffy's most famous photographs date back to the 1970s, including Bowie's groundbreaking Aladdin Sane, an iconic clutch that made history under the name of Mona Lisa of Pop. The photographer and rock star collaborated on four other projects: Ziggy Stardust, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) and Lodger. They worked together during David Bowie's flagship years; when the king of glam rock got rid of this image, what Duffy knew how to capture on his camera.

This exhibition takes place on the occasion of the publication of "Bowie by Duffy" by Kevin Cann and Chris Duffy at Glénat, and "David Bowie is" from March 3rd to May 31st 2015, at the Philharmonie de Paris.

The gallery sells photo prints from the five photo assignments made with Bowie: Fuji Baryte prints numbered very limited, large formats, some signed by Brian Duffy or David Bowie.

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