MAR 2015 - Classic Rock Magazine - Black Sabbath By Duffy

Duffy portrait of Black Sabbath taken in 1973 is used for the cover feature in the March edition of Classic Rock Magazine. It's hard to believe this image is forty-three years old and still looks contemporary! Black Sabbath were a massive influence in the 70's rock scene and it's great to see this article sporting one of Duffy's classic images.

Classic Rock - Issue 207 is now on sale. The cover image by Duffy is used to promote the article: The Dark Knights Rise: how the insane 70s incited a musical revolution... Naked jamming, mountains of coke, knife-wielding fans... This can only be the story of the four Brummie boys known as Black Sabbath – as told in their own words.

Read More: TeamRock.Com

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