Sunday Times - 5th March 1972

Sunday Times – 5th March 1972

For this issue, Duffy worked with longtime collaborator George Perry. The article titled “Not Just An Ugly Face” promoted Vincent Price in his new movie “Dr. Phibes rises again” The sequel to “The Abominable Dr. Phibes” (1971).

This effect was achieved by double exposing the film. The first run through of the film roll was with Vincent Price as himself being lit high contrast from the left. Three hours of makeup later he appeared as Dr. Phibes. Duffy moved the light from the right to the left side, re-wound, reloaded and exposed the film again giving the final image. It was a very hit and miss process in 1972 that today would be a breeze in photoshop. A Duffy technical success!

See the original photograph here.