JAN 2017 - JAPAN Daikanyama T-Site, Tsutaya Books

This exhibition presents photographs of David Bowie, the legendary musician and cultural icon who had a huge impact on visual art. January 8th would have been Bowie’s 70th birthday, while January 10th will mark the first anniversary of his death. To coincide with the traveling “David Bowie is” exhibition organized by London’s Victoria and Albert Museum that will be coming to Tokyo’s Warehouse Terrada G1 Building, Tsutaya Books Daikanyama will host “Bowie: Faces.” It will showcase portraits of Bowie taken by renowned photographers such as Brian Duffy, Terry O’Neill, and Masayoshi Sukita, as well as photographs that Bowie himself collaborated on. Original prints, limited edition photo books, and catalogs will be on sale. This is a chance to check out the original photos behind his iconic album covers.

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