DEC 2014 - Duffy's French Elle MODE 60'S BOOK LAUNCH

Glenat books in France have just published Duffy's monograph of work for French Elle from the '60s & '70s. Titled "Fashion 60's / 70's In The Eye's of Duffy" for the French version, the book reveals Duffy's fashion work during two distinct periods 1962-1966 and 1974-1978 in conjunction with art director Peter Knapp.  Text by Emma Baxter Wright and a foreword by Peter Knapp the book encapsulates and captures the essence of French fashion during these two very distinct periods. The book is only available in French at this time.

When Brian Duffy became a regular contributor to ELLE in 1964, he found in the editorial department modernity and inventiveness hitherto unparalleled in England. Artistic Director of ELLE, Peter Knapp took Duffy under his wing and revolutionized the magazine. Fashion is staged as in a film, models are moving, color is everywhere and we do not dress to be elegant but to claim his opinions. The atmosphere at the editorial office is overrated! 1970 marks an irreversible turning point: the woman is free and no longer accepts any diktat. She also refuses the principles of fashion and wants to have fun with all styles. In 1979, Brian Duffy ended his career as a photographer and decided to burn all his negatives. But fortunately, he changed his mind before everything disappeared. His son Chris Duffy collected all his clichés and manages in this book to reconstruct all his work done for ELLE magazine of the 60s and 70s.

The book is available on French Amazon.

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