Jan 2017 - BlitzGallery Tokyo - Bowie: Faces

Blitz Gallery Tokyo is exhibiting an exciting selection of David Bowie images from Duffy, Sukita, Terry O'Neil and others.

BOWIE : FACES – a collaboration between Iconic Images and Blitz Gallery, Tokyo – is the most comprehensive exhibition of photography of the late David Bowie ever held. e show features the work of six photographers covering the years from 1972 to 2002 and includes the original artwork from, or associated with, the covers of eight of Bowie’s albums. David Bowie was one of the most in uential cultural and style icons of the last 50 years. His creative output spanned 5 decades covering 27 albums, 59 music videos, 38 acting credits, 14 tours and over 30 musical collaborations as well as designs for numerous costumes, stage sets, album covers and music videos. Perhaps more than any other rock musician, Bowie understood the power of the visual. It is tting that he sought out some of the most adventurous and original photographers to work with at each stage of his career.

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