APRIL 2019 - Mary Quant Exhibition Launches at the V&A Museum London

The Duffy Archive are exhibiting again at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum as part of the Mary Quant exhibition. Duffy’s photo’s have been used as part of their press campaign.

Chris Duffy is pictured here with Orlando, Mary Quant's son.

Sunday Times Fashion - Kellie Wilson Modelling Mary Quant - 1966
Sunday Times Fashion - Kellie Wilson Modelling Mary Quant - 1966

Mary Quant is credited with making fashionable clothes available to the masses after the austerity of post-war Britain. Her signature designs of the mini-skirt and shorts defined the look of the Swinging Sixties where freedom and anarchy reigned. Duffy was very much a part of this revolution, taking models out of the confines of the studio and putting energy into his shots.

Chris will be speaking on 60’s photography at the V&A on June 9th and the BBC documentary "The Man Who Shot the Sixties" will be shown followed by a Q&A with Geoffrey Marsh & Victoria Broackes who curated and worked with the archive on the ‘David Bowie is’ exhibition 2013-2018.

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