The Duffy Archive attended the Association of Photographers 50th year anniversary celebration. The AOP exhibited a diverse range of photography billed as '50 images that defined the age’ and Duffy's image of Jean Shrimpton taken in 1963 is shown here.  Duffy was associated with the original AFAEP (Association of Fashion, Advertising & Editorial Photographers) in the early 70’s.  The exhibition is open in the lobby at 1 Canada Square, London until 1st June.
'Duffy was shooting this new young model in the Vogue studio (which he’d independently hired) for an advertising shoot.  Bailey (Duffy’s great friend and rival) passed by, popped his head in the door and asked Duffy who the young model was?  Duffy (aware of his reputation with the ladies and always eager to give Bailey a ribbing), replied "Jean Shrimpton but she’s too posh for you!”  Jean subsequently became Bailey’s muse and their union launched both of their careers.  Duffy went on to shoot Jean Shrimpton numerous times over the following years and his friendship with Bailey continued until Duffy died in 2010'.
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