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Signed Duffy Photographer Monograph Book 2nd Edition



This collection of memorable black and white photographs charts the capital at its coolest” The London Magazine

Originally released in 2011 the long-overdue first monograph of iconic photographer Brian Duffy received critical acclaim. Documenting a vast body of work from 1957 surrealism to 1980 album covers.

This revised, updated and expanded second edition has a new cover and contains an additional 16 pages of images including a dedicated section on Duffy’s work with David Bowie. When purchased from The Duffy Archive all books will be signed by Chris Duffy.

When the photographer Brian Duffy died in May 2010, he was widely acclaimed as a driving force behind the English avant-garde of young photographers who defined the visual style of the Swinging Sixties. In 1980 Duffy felt that he had said all he needed to say in photography and, in a moment of madness, decided to burn all of his work. Fortunately, he was stopped before everything was destroyed. This second publication of Duffy’s work presents a wealth of imagery from the genius that was Duffy.

Thankfully, those works that survived now live on as a comprehensive cultural history of an emphatically progressive era”  The Independent on Sunday

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For a limited time to celebrate the launch of our second edition your choice of print will be available with the book for £99 +P&P (RRP £170) or as an additional print for £149! (RRP £295)

John Lennon was photographed by Duffy in 1965, shortly after the Beatles USA tour which included their legendary Shea Stadium performance that was filmed and released in 1966. Lennon told Duffy the device he is holding was a UFO detector from a New York novelty store. It was, in fact, a device called a ‘Nothing Box’ created by the infamous ‘Magic’ Alex Mardas, a Greek electronics engineer who became head of The Beatles company ‘Apple Electronics.’ The sealed unit blinked its 8 lights continuously for a year without the ability to be turned off or repaired. Lennon was very fond of Magic Alex and this device, using it to aid his psychedelic LSD trips.

An alternative print to John Lennon is available. This picture of Jill Kennington was from the same shoot for Queen Magazine in 1965.

The first edition standard hardback is now sold out, however, the Special Limited First Edition Collectors book which includes 2 editioned David Bowie prints is available here. 

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Product reference: DP_BK_01-1