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David Bowie Silver Edition 2019 Collection

New Aladdin Sane Silver Demi Contact & Silver Scottie

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The Duffy Archive presents two unique prints in this new David Bowie Silver Edition 2019 Collection.

The brand new Aladdin Sane Silver Demi Contact Sheet is strictly limited to 500 copies handmade in the Duffy Archive and makes up part of this brand new silver collection comprising of:

  • An Aladdin Sane Silver print limited to 500 individually numbered prints handmade in the Duffy Archive comprising of 9 images including the original album cover, the equally iconic ‘Eyes Open’ released in 2011 and the re-mastered black and white negative. Printed on the new Permajet Titanium silver paper with 6 other images from the original 1973 photo session the image has a delicate metallic sheen.
  • An iridescent silver certificate of authenticity with information on the session is signed and hand-numbered by Chris Duffy and embossed with a silver stamp. 
  •   The second print is a charming photo taken of David with a Scottie Dog which has also been printed on the new silver Permajet Titanium paper.

The limited-edition Demi Contact print and the open-edition Scottie Dog are presented in a subtle silver 12” mount and embossed with the Duffy Archive stamp. Both prints conveniently slip into a 12” vinyl album frame. Personalised messages are also available on request at checkout which will be included on a compliments slip.

This exciting two print collection is offered at £149.99 + p&p and is a gift that any Bowie fan would be delighted to own! Due to the limited nature of the edition, all prints will be sent in number order as a first come first served basis.

*Please note that frames and certificate matte are not included and are for display purposes only. 

“Who could have imagined that the moment he clicked the shutter on the Hasselblad in early 1973 that one of those images would become known as a cultural icon?”

Chris Duffy

All of the featured photographs were shot by Duffy during the second of Five Sessions with David Bowie between 1972-1980 – Duffy’s most famous photograph dates from 1973 and is the iconic and revolutionary cover of David Bowie’s album – Aladdin Sane. This was the first album David had written, recorded and released from his new position of international fame and stardom. Duffy’s alum cover shot became the defining look of Bowie’s long career, and has been referred to as the “Mona Lisa of pop.”

The defining image of Duffy and Bowie’s creative relationship which has become synonymous with the legacy of both artists. Tony Defries commissioned Duffy Design Concepts to create the entire Aladdin Sane album. The brief was simple – “Can you make it expensive?” The intention was to take Bowie to an international level. Also to make a bill so large that the record label would have to pay attention. A Dye-transfer image was the answer. A process that was notoriously costly, with the production taking place in Switzerland. Duffy carved the iconic red and blue “Flash” across David’s face in lipstick. The outline was then filled in by makeup artist Pierre Laroche. The image was then sent to airbrush artist Philip Castle. Duffy previously worked on the 1973 Pirelli Calendar with Castle who applied the water symbol on Bowie’s chest.

Limited and Signed editions are available in a range of different sizes. To discuss options or if you have any questions please Contact Us.

For a limited time, any additional 12” mounted David Bowie print can be purchased in a matching silver mount at a discounted price of £50 (RRP £125) by using the code SILVERPLUS at checkout with this collection.

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