David Bowie Thin White Duke - White Sands Triptych

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David Bowie Framed Thin White Duke Triptych

Taken by Duffy during the third of Five Sessions with David Bowie during the filming of “The Man Who Fell To Earth.” Duffy managed to organise a separate photo shoot with David at White Sands National Monument – A heritage protected white desert composed of soft gypsum crystals. It is located in New Mexico at over 4200 ft above sea level.

With the sun going down and only limited time and equipment to work with Duffy took a big risk with his one second triple flash exposures that rewarded him with a set of unique and atmospheric shots of “The Thin White Duke.”


Our framed triptych has a selection of x3 images from one of the five sessions Duffy shot with David Bowie. The Triptych is embossed and stamped on the front with an info sticker on the rear of the frame.  The frame size is 53x26x3.5cm and the images are 10x10cm each. These make a wonderful gift or addition to any Bowie collection.

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