David Bowie Scottie Dog London 1980

"I never heard a thing about Duffy being upset about the Scary Monsters sleeve design... It may have been one of the reasons that he never did another session with David again." - Chris Duffy

This rare image of David taken by Duffy was unreleased until it was published in the Five Sessions book. The contact sheet revealed the Scottie Dog walking in during a meeting regarding the "Scary Monsters" photo shoot and sitting in the chair next to David. The location and story behind the image is pieced together with very limited information adding to the mystery and intrigue of the picture.

It has become a firm fan favourite and the most popular of the behind the scenes images shot by Duffy.

The Whole Story

The story behind this image and more from the session can be seen in the Duffy Bowie Five Sessions Book.

Limited and Signed editions are available, to discuss options please Contact Us.



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