David Bowie Lodger Album Cover

"I knew Duffy's work of course. Of all the '60s photographers - who were all very good - for me what Duffy did was to be more creative. He didn't just capture the moment - he invented the moment. I found him the most inventive of all those photographers. That's what interested me." - Derek Boshier

Taken by Duffy during the fourth of the Five Sessions with David Bowie in 1979 for his thirteenth studio album and final album of his Berlin trilogy. The final cover art was a collaboration between Duffy/Bowie and Derek Boshier tying the project together graphically. Duffy's Experimental sink and one of the Lodger Set images were included in the album's gatefold. David's bandaged hand was actually the result of a coffee burn, though perfectly suited the dramatic imagery.

This test Polaroid was taken to view the Lodger scene before taking the high-resolution Kodachrome version. This was commonplace before the invention of digital imagery to get a rough idea of the outcome. After the session, David decided to use a cropped version of a Polaroid for the album cover. If you look closely in the mirror you can see the rafters where Duffy perched to take the photograph.

The Whole Story

The fascinating story behind this timeless session is fully documented in the Duffy Bowie Five Sessions Book told by those who were involved including Derek Boshier, makeup artist Sara Raeburn and Hairdresser Martin Samuel.

Limited and Signed editions are available, to discuss options please Contact Us.

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