Mick Ronson - Aladdin Sane Outtake - 1973



Mick Ronson - Aladdin Sane Outtake

"When we got the lyrics we started to think about what kind of image we wanted to use and because of the title and "The Jean Genie" reference we decided that we wanted to use the naked torso and a lot of airbrushing." - Celia Philo

Mick Ronson was the guitarist for ‘The Spiders From Mars’ - David Bowie's backing band between 1970-1973. The Yorkshire born guitarist was known for being able to recreate the feel and style of many other players of the time. Ronson was recruited in early 1970 for David Bowie's backing band. With Bowie, Ronson went on to record the classic albums: The Man Who Sold The World (1970), Hunky Dory (1971), The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust (1972) and Aladdin Sane (1973). During this time Ronson was also credited with producing Lou Reed's Transformer album taking his career to an international level. After the sudden disbanding of The Spiders from Mars, Ronson went on to work with Mott the Hoople and Bob Dylan whilst having a successful solo career.

The original concept behind the artwork was to include portraits of each band member in the Aladdin Sane gatefold sleeve. The three portraits were then changed to the full-length image of David Bowie. The other band members were also photographed for the album including drummer Woody Woodmansey and bass player Trevor Bolder. These images remained undiscovered for 40 years and were not published until 2013 in the Duffy:Bowie Five Sessions Book.

Not much more is known of these mysterious images of The Spiders From Mars. Woody Woodmansey told the Duffy Archive during an interview that Duffy told them to look insane, so they tried their best!

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Our Standard Archival Quality Pigment Ink Print is 7.5″x 5″ (19.05cm x 12.7cm) in 12″x12″ (30.48cm x 30.48cm) Mounts - handmade and printed in the Duffy Archive from the original photographic negatives.

All of our images are ready to frame, supplied with a choice of either a black or white acid-free mount. A mount is a paper-based border around framed images between the frame and the image. The mount adds an extra decorative element and also prevents the image from making contact with the glass. Our Standard Size open edition prints are the same size as a 12" vinyl album sleeve for convenient framing.

As with all our prints, each open edition is embossed with the Duffy Archive stamp. The reverse of each frame has a sticker detailing the history of the session and a hand-stamped logo from Duffy's old camera cases.

Duffy:Bowie Five Sessions (72-80)

The fascinating story behind this timeless session is fully documented in the Duffy Bowie Five Sessions Book told by those who were there. Including Duffy who said of the session – “It happened because there was a little bit of magic in the room that night. I’ll say it myself – it’s a great cover!

"Talent hits a target no-one else can hit. Genius hits a target no-one else can see." - Arthur Schopenhauer

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