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David Bowie Framed Lodger Triptych


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David Bowie Framed Lodger Polaroid Triptych

“I knew Duffy’s work of course. Of all the ’60s photographers – who were all very good – for me what Duffy did was to be more creative. He didn’t just capture the moment – he invented the moment. I found him the most inventive of all those photographers. That’s what interested me.” – Derek Boshier

Taken by Duffy during the fourth of the Five Sessions with David Bowie in 1979 for his thirteenth studio album and final album of the Berlin trilogy. The cover art was a collaboration between Duffy and Bowie with Derek Boshier tying the project together graphically.

This image was a Polaroid taken by Duffy to view the Lodger scene whilst shooting from the rafters of his London studio. Duffy photographed David who was suspended on a custom built metal frame. Bowie’s face was then manipulated by fishing line to enhance the look of the falling man. Lastly, a jet of water was shot into the bathroom sink which further changes the perspective.

Duffy shot the session with Kodachrome film which showed all the minor details of the intricate scene that he had created. However, at the last minute, David decided to use a cropped version of Duffy’s test Polaroid for the album cover instead. Duffy’s Experimental sink and one of the Lodger Set images were also included in the album’s gatefold. David’s bandaged hand was actually the result of a coffee burn, though perfectly suited the dramatic imagery adding another element to Duffy’s scene.

The Whole Story

The fascinating story behind this timeless session is fully documented in the Duffy Bowie Five Sessions Book told by those who were involved including Derek Boshier, makeup artist Sara Raeburn and Hairdresser Martin Samuel.

Buying options

Our framed triptych has a selection of 3 images from one of the five sessions Duffy shot with David Bowie. The Triptych is embossed and stamped on the front with an info sticker on the rear of the frame. The frame size is 53x26x3.5cm and the images are 10x10cm each. These make a wonderful gift or addition to any Bowie collection.



Product reference: PR_TRP_LOD_002