Duffy Snail & Eye T-Shirt - 1956


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Duffy Snail & Eye T-Shirt

Taken in 1956 by Brian Duffy for his original portfolio of imagery.

Long before the days of digital photo manipulation Duffy created unique scenes inside the camera like this original portfolio image from 1956. The Snail & Eye is the perfect example of how far ahead of the times Duffy was. Creating seemingly digital photographic effects decades before digital photography existed. Duffy went on to create various iconic and award winning adverts using his inventiveness and creativity for Smirnoff, Benson & Hedges, Regent Fuels, Clarks, Johnnie Walker Whiskey and many more.

This limited run of high quality white Duffy T-shirts are the perfect gift fans of the surreal. Available in white only sizes Small - X-Large.

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