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Framed Triptych Prints

Our framed triptych is made up of a selection of 3 key images from one of the five sessions Duffy shot with David Bowie. Each triptych is finished by hand and comes ready to put on the wall. As with all our prints, each triptych is embossed with the Duffy Archive stamp and also hand stamped on the front with 'DUFFY' in black ink. The reverse of each frame has a sticker detailing the history of the session, hand-stamped with a logo from Duffy's old camera cases.

The frame size is 53x26x3.5cm and the images are 10x10cm each. They are available in Black, Dark Grey, and White.

As this item is made to order, please allow 3 working days for your order. If you need it fast or for a gift please let us know when purchasing.

These framed prints make a wonderful gift or addition to any Bowie collection.

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