Vogue - Hanover Square - 1961

June 1961

This photograph by Duffy was taken in 1961. The bare trees reveal a very different W1 Hanover Square to how it is 50 years later. To the left, you can see the statue of William Pitt (The Younger) which still remains today. Once a highly desirable and exclusive Mayfair address, the square now comprises mostly of offices.

The male model is Roger Jones who featured in many Duffy images during his time at Vogue. The sitters, wearing various evening dresses are stood opposite the Vogue head office at 1 Hanover Square. The offices were completed in 1958 and have been the publications UK headquarters since.

The image was used for a feature titled 'Getting Home With The Milk' for British Vogue in June 1961.

Quote ref: E-768-01 if you require press information regarding this image.

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