Victor Silvester OBE - 1961

Dancer & Bandleader

Shot by Duffy for the Vogue article "Evening Looks and All That Jazz." The issue was released in October 1961 and featured musicians Humphrey Lyttleton, Russ Henderson, Dill Jones, Ted Heath, The Shadows, Edmundo Ros, Fela Kuti and, Tubby Hayes and Ronnie Scott with their group "All-Star." Duffy was a huge Jazz fan so he was the perfect man for the job photographing this huge feature. Victor Silvester (OBE) was an English Dancer, author, musician, and bandleader from the British Dance Band Era.

Born in 1900, Victor Silvester enlisted in the British Army at age 16 during the first world war. He lied about his age to recruiting authorities stating he was 20. When his true age was discovered he was removed from the frontlines and transferred to the First British Ambulance Unit For Italy in 1917. After the war, his interest turned to ballroom dancing in which he excelled. After winning the World Ballroom Dancing Championship in 1922. Following this, he opened his first dance academy in London which developed into 23 dance studios.

In 1935 Silvester formed his own 5-piece band to produce more adequate records for dancing to. His records sold 75 million copies between the 1930s and 1980s.

Quote ref: E-601-04 if you require press information regarding this image.

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