Vogue - Via Degli Strozzi, Florence - 1961

September 1961

Duffy shot this image of the model with the Mercedes in Florence in 1961 for Vogue. Fifty years later there was a Duffy Solo show held at the Alinari Photo Museum just a stone's throw away from this spot.

Marie Lise Gres stands on the corner of Via Degli Strozzi in downtown Florence as a Mercedes Benz 190 drives past. The girl in the foreground is sat on the Palazzo Strozzi north wall.

The session was featured in British Vogue in September 1961 for an article titled 'ITALY Fashion With Brio.' Which can be seen here. The caption for this image reads 'FABIANI - The coats were one of the best parts of the Italian Collections, and Fabiani's, apart from the lengthened hems, were some of the most prophetic. This black and white tweed check coat, high-wasted and lightened by flares. Both Simonetta suit and Fabiani coat copied by Berg of Mayfair, at Harvey Nichols mid-Sept.'

Quote ref: E-607-01 if you require press information regarding this image.

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