Terence Donovan - 1964


Terry Donovan (b.14 September 1936 – 22 November 1996) together with Bailey and Duffy were firm friends, nicknamed by Norman Parkinson as 'The Black Trinity’. The dynamic trio never tired of talking photography together and the friendly rivalry drove all three of them to be highly successful in their chosen craft. They captured the ‘Swinging Sixties’ and were more famous than the models they photographed.

This shot taken by Duffy was for The Sunday Times Magazine released for one day only on the 10th of May 1964. The "Black Trinity" were tasked with photographing each other and were then interviewed by Francis Wyndham. David Bailey photographed Duffy for the feature titled "The Modelmakers."

Borm in 1936 in East London, Donovan took his first photograph at age 15, at which time he was studying at the London County Council School of Photoengraving and Lithography.  Terence Donovan like Duffy was also an assistant to photographer Adrian Flowers. He joined the Royal Photographic Society in 1963, gaining his Associate in 1963 and Fellowship in 1968.

In the early 1970s, Donovan branched out into film and went on to direct some 3000 TV commercials as well as documentaries and music videos. In the late 70's he moved his studio to 30 Bourdon Street, Mayfair which is now marked with a plaque in his honor. Like Duffy, he was an avid painter. He was also a black belt in Judo and co-wrote a popular book on the subject in 1985.

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