Susan Hampshire - 1974


Susan Hampshire (b.12 May 1937) is a British actress, known for her many television and film roles and a three-time Emmy Award winner.

Born in Kensington as the youngest of 5 children, Hampshire struggled with dyslexia which changed her ambitions from nursing to acting. Her first film role was at age 10 when she starred in 'The Woman In The Hall' (1947) but her proper debut was in the Lawrence Harvey film 'Expresso Bongo' (1959). Since then her stage and screen career has never faltered and continues to this day.

Duffy photographed Hampshire for the Sunday Times in 1974 for the feature 'Eye of the Beholder' which can be seen here. Where Duffy describes Hampshire as 'One of the easiest actresses I have ever photographed.' The regular concept from the Sunday Times Magazine involved one sitter with multiple photographers - In this case: Duffy, Barry Lategan, Desmond Groves, Terence Donovan, Alan Jones, Brenda Lusha, Douglas Jeffrey, Bryan Wharton, and Leonard Pearman.

Quote ref: Z-1342-01 if you require press information regarding this image.

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