Seymour Cassel - 1961


Seymour Cassel photographed by Duffy for Vogue Magazine in 1961.

Born in Detroit in 1935, Cassel began acting in the late 1950s. He made his movie debut in  John Cassavetes's first film "Shadows" (1958) on which he also served as associate producer.

Cassel began to come to prominence in the 1960s after starring in another independent John Cassavetes film - "Too Late Blues" (1961). "Faces" released in 1968 gained Cassel an Acadamy Award nomination. In recent years the American director Wes Anderson has also cast Cassel as a recurring character in multiple titles.

With an award in his honor and over 200 film credits to his name, Cassel sadly passed away April 7th 2019.

Quote ref: E-437-02 if you require press information regarding this image.

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