Scary Monsters Make Up With Richard Sharah - 1980


David Bowie pictured behind the scenes in 1980. Makeup artist Richard Sharah is seen here applying the iconic 'Pierrot' look to Bowie. Natasha Korniloff was also present who designed and created the Pierrot clown outfit used for the shoot and then again for the record-breaking music video for 'Ashes to Ashes.' The makeup took one and a half hours before the session to create Bowie's desired look.

Taken by Duffy during the last of the Five Sessions with David Bowie in 1980. Bowie asked Korniloff to make him ‘The most beautiful clown in the circus.’ She described David as ‘Always a lot of fun to work with.’ David's New Romantic/Commedia dell'arte variant outfit was a throwback to his earliest costume experience, starring in Lindsay Kemp's Pierrot In Turquoise - a costume also designed by the late Natasha Kornilof.

Quote ref: ZT-526-02 if you require press information regarding this image.

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