Robert Jankel - 1976

Car Designer

Robert Jankel (b.1 Jan 1938 – 25 May 2005 ) British designer of personalised unique collectible cars and limousines for the wealthy and founder of the niche car company Panther Westwinds. Jankel built his first car in 1954 from a wrecked Austin 7 which he rebuilt and customised. After unsuccessfully attempting a career in selling cars, Jankel joined the family fashion business 'Goldenfields.' Still interested in cars, he continued to rebuild them in his free time. One of the projects was a 1930s Rolls Royce which he rebuilt in 1970. The sale of this car during a trip to Spain for £10,000 inspired Jankel to start his company in 1972.

Jankel is pictured here working on the handbuilt Panther De Ville. An estimated total of 60 of these vehicles were produced between 1974-1985.

Most of Jankel's work from the 1990s to his death in 2005 was dedicated to building police vehicles, high-protection armored cars, and exotic luxury stretch limousines. Jankel was working on a new Panther sports car until his death.

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