Pirelli Calendar 1973 - April Outtake

Paulene Stone

Duffy shot this image of Paulene Stone in red PVC for the 1973 calendar. Stone had recently married Actor Laurence Harvey who discovered that she was to appear in the most explicit and fetish calendar to date and objected to her involvement. This image was never used and Stone did not feature in the calendar.

The original concept image was drawn by Allen Jones and pictured a model in a position that was not possible to achieve so the replacement model took a different pose.

Duffy worked with the airbrush artist Philip Castle to add a surreal graphical aspect to the project - Much like the Alberto Vargas paintings of pin-up models. The airbrushing techniques used producing this calendar were incorporated on the David Bowie Aladdin Sane album cover in 1973.

Quote ref: ZTP-CT-0020-16 if you require press information regarding this image.

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