Paul Jones - 1966

Singer & Actor

The session Duffy did with singer Paul Jones of Manfred Mann fame had - until recently - been a bit of a mystery. The contact sheets reveal numerous pictures such as this showing Jones in varying expressions of concern to pain. Also holding the number "2795" in a police-style mugshot. As Duffy's records of this time are sparse by pure chance the image was spotted in a Sunday Times Magazine from November 1966 which also contained images by Duffy of Kellie Wilson for Mary Quant and an image for 'Regional Cooking Pakistan.' The magazine can be seen here.

This image of Paul Jones was projected on a giant screen above a stage at St Andrew's stadium - home of the Birmingham City Football Club - as a backdrop to 3000 extras being filmed for Peter Watkins's 1967 film "Privilege." Starring Jean Shrimpton in her debut film role alongside Jones, the film was branded controversial before more recently being revived as a cult classic.

Quote ref: Z-0635-01 if you require press information regarding this image.

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