National Fur Company - 1970


The National Fur Company was established by Arron Barder around 1878. Originally located in Sloane Street, London; In the early 20th century it moved to 193 Brompton Road, eventually expanding to fill 191-195, before moving to its final location at 241 in 1978. The company rose to prominence throughout the 20th century before a huge backlash from animal rights campaigners, leading to a complete overhaul of the entire industry. Most British furriers closed along with the removal of fur departments inside larger department stores.

This is an outtake from the session which had the strapline 'Rich women are seldom cold!' with copy reading 'Since 1878 we've been making very beautiful coats for very rich women. But since every woman deserves the luxury of fur, We're glad to say we also warm hearts from as little as £150, or £495 if it's mink.' The pictured coat in the final advert was £750, which, after inflation in today's money would equate to £11,689.12 in 2019.

Another advert in the series also included a model in front of the houses of parliament with Big Ben in the background. The coat pictured, a 'Dark Ranch Mink' retailed at £1615, A staggering £25,170 in 2019. To put that into perspective for the era, the highest average London house price during 1970 was £5252 (£81,855).

The car featured is a 1930's SS 100 Jaguar with the license plate 'MEL 111.' The precursor to the Jaguar car brand, this vehicle was the first to feature the leaping Jaguar ornament. The SS Jaguar 100 was a British 2-seat sports car built between 1936 and 1939 by SS Cars Ltd of Coventry, England. This model was followed by the Jaguar XK series, then the iconic E-type Jaguar.

Quote ref: ZTP-CT-0050-01 if you require press information regarding this image.

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