Lartigue, John Swannell & Helmut Newton - 1977

Photographers - Lartigue, John Swannell & Helmut Newton

Jacques Henri Lartigue (Left) (b.June 13, 1894 – September 12, 1986) Was a French photographer. his father introduced him to photography, gifting him a camera in 1902. Lartigue began to document his childhood and went on to take his best-known images of automobile races and early aviation. By 1915 Lartigue began to pursue a successful career in painting. It was not until the 1950's that his photography became recognised. During a trip to New York Lartigue was introduced to John Szarkowski who directed the photography department at the Museum of Modern Art. One year later in 1963, the first-ever exhibition of  Lartigue's work went on display over 60 years since he first picked up a camera. The exhibition re-launched his photographic career. Lartigue is pictured here aged 83 years old.

He continued taking photographs, painting, and writing until his death in Nice on September 12, 1986, at the age of 92 and left behind more than 100,000 photographs, 7,000 diary pages, and 1,500 paintings.

John Swannell (Middle) (b. December 27, 1946) Was born in London. After leaving school at age 16, Swannell became an assistant at Vogue before assisting David Bailey for four years then Swannell set up his own studio. For the following decade, he worked in fashion photography for many British publications. Throughout his career, Swannell has photographed almost all of the royal family.

Helmut Newton (Right) (b.31 October 1920 – 23 January 2004) Was born in Berlin. After purchasing his first camera at age 12 he worked for the German photographer Yva (Elsie Neuländer Simon) from 1936. Due to the ever-growing oppression, Newton's parents fled Germany and he soon followed, ending up in Singapore, then Australia. in 1946 Newton set up a studio in Melbourne producing fashion, theatre, and industrial photography. His first exhibition in 1953 began the growth of his reputation as a fashion photographer. By 1957 Newton had a 12 Month contract for British Vogue but he left London for Paris where he settled, continuing to provide fashion works for the French edition of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. Newton's growth continued throughout the 80s and 90s with his series' "Big Nudes," "Naked and Dressed" and in 1992 "Domestic Nudes." Newton tragically passed away after a car accident in Los Angeles on 23 January 2004.

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