Kenny Lynch - 1966

Singer Songwriter

Kenny Lynch (18 Mar 1938 - 18 Dec 2019) English singer, songwriter, entertainer, and actor was shot for 'The Sunday Times Year of Good Cooking.' The articles ran weekly throughout 1966 and featured such cooking styles as Sardinian, Chinese, Islamic, Jewish, Italian and Scandinavian. Duffy photographed many of them including Lynch for 'Soul Food.' The menu for this feature included fried chicken, black-eyed peas and crab cakes with instructions on how to prepare each.

Lynch appeared in many variety shows in the 1960s and in that period was among the few black singers in British pop music. He had several his singles in the early 1960s including two Top Ten hits, 'Up on the Roof'(1963) & 'You Can Never Stop Me Loving You'(1963).

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