John 'Holy' Howley - At the 'Beat Hotel' 1962

Australian Painter and Musician photographed whilst living at The 'Beat Hotel' in Paris in 1962 with William Burroughs.

John Howley (b. 30 December 1931) was born in Australia. He studied at the National Gallery School of Art in Melbourne and established himself as an avant-garde artist through various exhibitions with Group Four and at Brummels Gallery. In 1962 he left Australia to travel to the UK and Europe at which time he was photographed by Duffy in Paris. A quote from Howley in the article reads 'Paris has me hooked. She has an electric quality full of creative peril. the complicated French mind gives me the impression that they still live underground, a vestige od the Occupation.' 

This image was published in Town magazine in December 1962 which can be seen here.

Quote ref: Z_0143_15 if you require press information regarding this image.

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