Jay Landesman - 1966

Writer & Publisher

The American Publisher, writer and nightclub proprietor Jay Landesman photographed by Duffy in 1966 for the Sunday Times Magazine. Published on the 31st of July the images show Landesman sporting a blue suit which took 4 years to make. The article is aptly titled "Tailoring of the Absurd."

Landesman founded the quarterly magazine "Neurotica" in the late 1940s which was a debut platform for some of the key writers of the Beat Generation including John Clellon Holmes and Allen Ginsberg.

His unpublished novel "The Nervous Set" a fondly satirical take on the beat generation was produced as a musical in 1959 which after huge success in St. Louis went on to Broadway.

Moving to Islington, London in the height of the Swinging Sixties the Landesmans expanded their social circle by throwing hundreds of parties. By the end of the sixties, Landesman became interested in macrobiotic foods before returning to his original calling - publishing.

Jay is survived by his sons Cosmo and Miles Davis Landesman.

Quote ref: Z-0618-01 if you require press information regarding this image.

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