Humphrey Lyttelton - 1961

Jazz Musician

Humphrey Lyttelton shot by Duffy for the Vogue article “Evening Looks and All That Jazz.” The issue was released in October 1961 and featured musicians Russ Henderson, Dill Jones, Victor Silvester, Ted Heath, The Shadows, Edmundo Ros, Fela Kuti and, Tubby Hayes and Ronnie Scott with their group “All Star.” Duffy was a huge Jazz fan so he was the perfect man for the job photographing this huge feature.

Born in 1921, Humphrey Lyttelton was born and raised at Eton college. His love of Jazz music came from Lord Carrington who he served as a youth at Eton and became inspired by Nat Gonella and Louis Armstrong. Later, Armstrong was quoted as calling Humphrey "that cat in England who swings his ass off.

Lyttleton taught himself the trumpet and formed a quartet in 1936 that featured Ludovic Kennedy on drums who Duffy also photographed for Vogue a few months later in 1962. Alongside Lyttelton's extensive music career, he was also a BBC Radio 2 presenter for 40 years.

After his sad passing in April 2008, Lyttelton was posthumously named BBC Radio 2 Jazz Artist of the Year, voted by Radio 2 listeners.

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