Grace Coddington - 1962

Model & Creative Director

Shot by Duffy in 1962 for a Town magazine article titled "Count My blessings/a list of prized possessions." Grace Coddington was born and grew up in Anglesey, Wales many miles from any designer stores. Her only link to the fashion world was three-month-old copies of Vogue she was able to get hold of. Around the age of 17 images of Coddington were submitted to Vogue's Young Model contest which she won starting her career. After a car accident, Coddington moved from modeling into a Junior Editor position at British Vogue in 1979 before moving to New York to work for Calvin Klein in 1986. Since 1988 Coddington has been Creative Director for American Vogue.

Quote ref: Z-0122-01 if you require press information regarding this image.

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