Frankie Miller - 1979

Musician, Singer & Songwriter

Francis John Miller (born 2 November 1949) was born in Scotland. He became aware of music through his mother's record collection, writing songs by age of 9 after being given a guitar by his parents. At age 12 he wrote the song ‘I Can’t Change It’ which was later recorded by Ray Charles. Miller signed with Chrysalis Records as a solo artist. His third album ‘Full House’ in 1977 brought him his first chart hit with the single ‘Be Good to Yourself’ reaching number 27 in the UK. Miller produced 9 studio albums between 1973-1985 with his songs being covered by numerous artists such as Johnny Cash, Lulu, Ray Charles, Rod Stewart, Bob Seger, Bonnie Tyler, Roy Orbison, The Eagles and many more. Further to this, his songs have frequently appeared in television and film. Tragically miller suffered a brain hemorrhage in 1994 which after a 5-month coma left him unable to speak or sing. The BBC documentary ‘Stubborn Kinda Fella’ (1999) featured Miller and his battle to recover. In this documentary, Rod Stewart stated that Miller was "the only white guy that's ever brought a tear to my eye”.

This image was an outtake from an album cover shoot. 'Perfect fit' was released in 1979. Duffy photographed multiple album covers for Chrysalis records during this time including Average White Band and Leo Sayer.

Quote ref: Z-1506-01 if you require press information regarding this image.

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