French Elle - Yellow Bubble Car - 1966

Elle No.1089 3rd November 1966

Duffy photographed Nicole de Lamargé for French Elle in November 1966 in the back of a Velam Isetta 'Bubble Car.'

The article titled 'Skirts to Date' which describes the outfit as 'To prefer to all skirts and sweaters, practice and sport is not to give up on fashion. skirts have theirs. even if they are considered classic, like the kilt. even if they are deemed to be wear-free, because of suede. Example: these 'up-to-date' skirts, easy to wear but also easy to recognize at first glance as inventions 67. On the left, in checkered wool, a skirt with a large hollow pleat stitched to the hips. Two side pockets. Matching sweater with fine dimensions. Stockings with diamonds in tone.'

The original magazine can be seen here.

Quote ref: EL-1089-09 if you require press information regarding this image.

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