French Elle - Prêt à Porter - 1977

No.1653 12th September 1977

Shot by Duffy during his last year providing fashion for French ELLE in September 1977. Duffy shot the cover along with 18 pages of Prêt à Porter fashion.

The description for this image in the article reads as follows: 'Soft size and soft materials. Left page: woolen jersey shirt with rounded sides (J. Gilles, Dietmar Sterling style) on cotton sweatshirt and gathered skirt in brushed cotton jersey, two side pockets (C. Montana for Ferrer Y Sentis) Pins glitter cloths (Agnes B). In the center, jacket with shawl collar in mohair and wool on gathered skirt with two side pockets, in jersey. Hat, scarf, tights and boots (J. Gilles, Dietmar Sterling style.) Right, short sweater with wide collar routed over loose skirt with large pockets, with a jacket tied like a blouse, all in jersey (Kenzo for Jap). Brooch (Axis).'

The original magazine can be seen here.

Quote ref: EL-1653-04 if you require press information regarding this image.

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