French Elle - Geneviève Grad - 1966

Elle No.1064 12th May 1966

Geneviève Grad is an iconic French actress. Born in Paris in 1944, Grad featured prominently in French film and television between 1959-1980.

Shot by Duffy for French Elle Magazine in May 1966, this special issue was titled 'The Blue Wave.' Duffy provided the cover and teamed up with creative director Peter Knapp to shoot top Paris models for a blue themed issue.

The description from the feature reads as follows 'Two blue eyes that see life in pink: Geneviève Grad. She is filming in Madrid a film with the pretty name: 'Daphne' and her first single released these days. She dresses in blue from head to toe with vinyl, transparent collar (Michéle Rosier) cot sweater (Inno), kid gloves (Vog). Hairstyle Alexandre.'

The original magazine for which Duffy also provided the cover can be seen here.

Quote ref: EL-1064-01 if you require press information regarding this image.

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