Cartoone - Album Cover - 1969


This Image by Duffy of the band Cartoone was used for the band's only album cover in 1969. Featuring singer and bassist Derek Creigan, drummer Charlie Coffils and guitarists Mike Allison and Mo Trowers.

Formed in 1967 Cartoone was the first British rock band to sign to Atlantic Records with a two-album deal in 1969. The pictured debut album featured guitarist Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin as a guest musician who signed to Atlantic several months later. In April 1969 Cartoone joined Led Zeppelin for a USA tour recruitingLes Harvey who founded "Stone the Crows" that same year. On the band's return, Atlantic Records dropped Cartoone and refused to release their second album "Reflections."

Drummer Charlie Coffils is a long time friend of The Duffy Archive and the fascinating story of his life was released on 14th December 2017 titled "Story Of A 60s Drummer" available here.

Quote ref: Z-0833-01 if you require press information regarding this image.

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