Albert Tucker - 1960

Australian Painter

Albert Tucker (29 Dec 1914 – 23 Oct 1999) was an Australian artist whose inspirations include post expressionists, expressionists, and social realists, as well as his life experience. His first significant works were produced during his army service working in Heidelberg Military Hospital drawing patients suffering wounds and mental illnesses as a result of the war. In early 1947, Tucker was with the Australian army as an art correspondent in Japan producing a monochrome pen drawing called Hiroshima; without figures, just the fallout of the atomic bomb blast. Tucker traveled widely painting numerous themes and his work is represented in all of the Australian State galleries as well as the National Gallery of Australia, the Guggenheim Museum and MOMA in New York.

Duffy took this photograph for Vogue magazine on the 2nd of July 1960.

Quote ref: E-347-04 if you require press information regarding this image.

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