Alan Brien - 1976

English Journalist

Alan Brien (b.12 March 1925 – 23 May 2008) was an English journalist best known for his novel 'Lenin' (1987). This took the form of a fictional diary charting Lenin's life from the death of his father to shortly before his own demise in 1924. Born in Sunderland, Brien was educated at Bede Grammar School and Jesus College Oxford. During World War II he served in the Royal Air Force.

During his journalistic career, Brien worked as a theatre and film critic as well as a foreign correspondent for The Sunday Times, Punch, the New Statesman, and The Observer. He was also a regular TV personality on the show "Three After Six" throughout the 1960s.

Duffy photographed Alan Brien for a series of articles titled 'Home Town' for the Sunday Times Magazine. Published on 18th April 1976, Brien recounts fond memories of his youth and family in Sunderland. The original article can be seen here. 

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