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In the 1960’s the Sunday Telegraph 1961, the Sunday Times 1962 and The Observer all launched and published Sunday Magazines which opened up a variety of subjects to the reader and were read by all of the family. Duffy played a huge role in these new publications providing photographs of politicians, musicians, and images for their fashion features. Nowadays most newspapers have Sunday supplements but in the 1960’s these magazines provided something fresh and invigorating to a new audience and the newspapers were often purchased for the magazines alone. Along with these new publications Duffy worked for Vogue, Town, Queen, Nova and many other glossy magazines. In 1972 Cosmopolitan was launched in the UK (an import from the USA) promoting liberation and sexual freedom for women. Duffy featured in three of the first five issues with his ability to consistently be a cutting-edge image maker attracted to any project that went against authority or convention.
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