FEB 2014 - David Bailey - 'Stardust' - National Portrait Gallery, London

6th February - 1st June

David Bailey has made an outstanding contribution to photography and the visual arts, creating consistently imaginative and thought-provoking portraits. As well as new work, this landmark exhibition includes a wide variety of Bailey’s photographs from a career that has spanned more than half a century.

Bailey’s Stardust is presented thematically across a series of contrasting rooms and illustrates the extraordinary range of subjects that Bailey has captured: actors, writers, musicians, filmmakers, designers, models, artists and people encountered on his travels; many of them famous, some anonymous, all of them unforgettable.

Rooms are devoted to Bailey’s time in East Africa, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Delhi, and the Naga Hills, as well as icons from the worlds of fashion and the arts, striking portraits of the Rolling Stones and Catherine Bailey and people of the East End of London.

Featuring over 250 images, personally selected and printed by Bailey, the exhibition offers an unmissable opportunity to experience the work of one of the world’s greatest image-makers.

Bailey and Duffy were not only contemporaries they were also good friends.

Together with Donovan, they were nicknamed by Norman Parkinson ‘The Black Trinity’ and they went onto to revolutionise fashion photography in the 60′s taking it out of the studio and into the streets. Bailey’s exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery features the last portrait ever taken of Duffy and it’s Bailey’s finger in the frame.

Duffy is one of a few sitters who is exhibited in more than one category. Duffy is in the "Artists" and "Icons" sections.

More Information: The National Portrait Gallery

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