In 1957, Duffy took 5 or 6 of his photos between two sheets of paper and walked into Vogue studios. Duffy met with Audrey Withers – Editor of British Vogue between 1940-1960 – who promptly hired him under contract until 1962, then for 15 more years freelance until 1977.

Along with Donovan and Bailey, Duffy is credited with bringing a sense of realism to the pages of the glossy magazines; breaking down the stiff, upper-class images by changing the visual landscape with dynamic, in your face photography. This new style paved the way for the swinging sixties and broke down the previously formalised fashion into an accessible, youthful movement.

This selection of vintage Vogue magazines has been collected and scanned by The Duffy Archive to show Duffy’s work in period. Many of these magazines contain Duffy’s lost works. It is our intention to share these magazines respective of the additional authors that may be involved. Content has been removed to only show the articles containing Duffy’s works although advertisements, brands and additional imagery belongs to their respective copyright holders.