The Observer colour supplement was launched in 1964 to compete with The Sunday Times Magazine. The publication covered fashion and current events much like its rival supplements which gave another platform for photographers.

Duffy worked extensively for the Observer providing 5 covers for the magazine in 1968. In 1977 Duffy photographed Debbie Harry for the Observer article “Doing it Their Way (Like Singing Rock)”. Better known as “Blondie” her debut album had not yet begun gaining traction in the UK.

This selection of vintage Observer magazines has been collected and scanned by The Duffy Archive to show Duffy’s work in period. Many of these magazines contain Duffy’s lost works. It is our intention to share these magazines respective of the additional authors that may be involved. Content has been removed to only show the articles containing Duffy’s works although advertisements, brands, and additional imagery belongs to their respective copyright holders.